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Q: What are 3D wall panels made out of?

The 3D panels are made of thermoplastic panel bonded with thin metallic sheets, and paint covered in epoxy lacquer.

Q: Can the 3d Wall Panels be cut to size?

Yes, you can cut the panels. You can use utility knife (make sure you have a new sharp blade).
To make a nice straight cut you'll have to slide the blade along the cutting line 3-4 times gradually increasing the pressure.
Tin Snips/Large Scissors may also be used.

Q: Are the panels paintable?

Panels that come in matte white finish are paintable (Dunes / Harmony Cubes / Piano Steps). You can spray paint the panels with any type of paint. Panels should be primed before painting to create better surface for the paint (just as you'll paint the drywall).
Paint brush may be used—for optimal results on complex patterns use a paint sprayer.

Q: How many panels do I need?

Enter Your Wall Dimensions Below

Width (in feet):

Height (in feet):

Square Footage:

Cases required:

Each case contains 4 wall panels (16sq.ft/case).
Take total square footage of wall divided by 16 = number of cases needed.

Q: How to attach panels to walls?

3D Wall Panels can be attached to walls with construction adhesives. We recommend “Locktite PL Premium” (available in your local homebuilding stores or online).

Q: Are the panels fire rated?

3D wall panels comply with accepted fire ratings such as: ASTM EL84 | EN 13823